Get Eight Hundred Today - There is no actual customer service......terrible company.

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I won't go into the whole depth of the issues I have been having with them, but simply state they have hampered my business now for more than 36 hours by not being able to refill my account balance (so my number is not working now). Adding to my irritation is that their customer service people have no knowledge of the company and admittedly have no ability to actually help you, solve your issue or direct you to someone who can. And my issue is still not fixed, leaving my business unable to take customer calls, which is unbelievably costly as our calls come from advertising we just did......I will be switching companies, but they have secured my number from me so I am unable to port it elsewhere until they correct my issue.

Get Eight Hundred Today - Get800Today - Terrible Service !

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Just found out today that Get800Today had cancelled our company's 888 number and did not inform us.This means that we get no incoming business calls!

And, with not incoming calls, this is now making our customer very unhappy. They said that the credit card on file had expired... so if it expired they should make the attempt to contact us to update. They made no attemp, just cancelled the service.

And now that 888 number is gone and someone else owns it!Absolutely terrible service and they will not answer phones or respond to emails

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Get Eight Hundred Today - Get 800 Today . Get 800 today . Worst company.!!!

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To : Get 800 Today at

Hello my name is ron K . I do internet marketing for living .

On April 18 2010 around 2 pm I was looking to purchase A toll free Number

After searching on google I found Get 800 Today (

I read about it and I understand very clearly on the site that if you buy a number from Get 800 Today so you will get it forward right away .

After completing the purchase on

I checked my account on Get 800 Today website and it said that number is on pending.

So I wait for few more hours and then try to call Get 800 Today , it was a message that said they not working on Sunday's .

I keep waiting because I was sure it's going to take a little more time but they said right away so I believe it.

Here I understand that this is one of the low level companies .

Next day on Monday 10 am I'm checking if the number is active and I found out that is not . ( I knew it wont work not even next day )

So I called this number 1 888 828-9892 and it's sound like this a voice of a woman like she just wake up from sleeping .

So I ask about the number , give my information to verify that it was me made the purchase ( that was the best part in this company , at least they ask you some verified questions about the account . good for them)

After verifications she told me some stories that the billing department will need to take care of that , I yell just a little, and ask her, just tell me when my account will be active .? , I said ok and hung up the phone ., that was around 10 am – 11am.

At 4 pm im calling again because my number still not working , not sure if it was the same women that I spoke with earlier .

So again I'm giving my account number she verify and tell me that it's going to happened very soon , so I ask how soon and she said about 2 hours and if not (didn't believe her ) so I keep asking why it need to be like this and I was telling her that this is not the way to do business she said that I am right . and then I ask again so when can you promise me that this telephone forwarding number will be activated ? she said I cant promise you nothing we need to check the credit information and then we will notify you by email . so I ask when its going to be active in a week , month , year just tell me when ? ( no answer for this ) I ask for cancelation so she said it need to go to billing department and then you have to wait Biz 3 days .

I'm just asking way Get 800 Today Promise customers telephone forwarding instantly when this lame company can not do it even in 2 full days .

At the beginning I looked at the site and I said to my self maybe I will offer this company a referral program so Webmasters will use their banners on their websites because it's a they probably have a good service . but now I will make everything I can against Get 800 Today At THE WORST COMPANY EVER .!!! D END .

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Their whole system has been down for more than three weeks now.My business is failing because none of my customers can get a hold of me because they shut down everyone's toll free and, the worst part, their own tollfree isn't even working!

Oh and, the second comment on here from 'justathought' is actually an 'employee' of get800today (I'm a internet systems programmer and technician and I found her information linked to the get800 website). I say 'employee' because it's just a couple people working out of their home - if I knew this before I would have NEVER ordered with them. And how nice of this 'employee' to literally say that she would purposefully slow down a new customer's service because they called to inquire about the status because their site clearly says 'Instant Activation' but does not deliver on that promise.

Here's a thought, justathought, your company is a terrible one because you work for it and you don't care about your own customers - that is your downfall.Wake up!


I feel your pain sort of...I mean come on Sunday..

give it a break, but mid week, they should be on it !!! I will add this, I am now cancelling my 866 with them as those idiots are just middle men, and I think they didn't pay the bill as my 866 stopped working yest.. so I called them this am, and they say were having tech issues.. I said O now nice, why not send out a mass email to people telling them etc..

she says our system is down and we don't have a back up.. WTH I'm out..

I'm off to a Co that is direct with the phone co's, that way my 866 won't have a ring delay I'm going to I set it up and within 2hrs it was up !They are also 3.9cents a min..


If I worked for them and had somebody like you calling the next day complaining about not getting instant service on a Sunday, I would do EVERYTHING in my power to slow down your service. I hate people like you, you're slow, obviously illiterate and completely unaware of common business etiquette. No wonder you're in internet marketing, you wouldn't make it anywhere else.

Get Eight Hundred Today - Get 800 Today very lame company , DENGER..!!!!!!

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to : Get 800 Today

Few days ago i was looking for a 1 800 number forwarding service. after searching i fund this company , i read everything before i sign up i make sure they give me the service i need right away, most companies on the internet do., so after reading on their website and i understood very clearly that i'm getting the number forwarded right away after i sign and create an account. so it sounds good i did it. after sign up and login to your account you get a message that the account is on pending ,and it take about 2 hours to create the service, so here i start thinking that i made a mistake but i said ok maybe 2 hours so ill wait .

4 hours later i try to call them because my number wasn't forwarding yet , after calling ill get an answering machine that said they not working on Sundays. so i wait till Monday morning around 10 am i'm calling this company and a girl answering me , kind of rude, she sounds like she was sleeping and i wake her up . after give my account number she said it need to go to billing department ( what billing department she was talking about? they don't have billing and don't even have an office i think ) . so i asked when is my account going to be ready ,and i explained that i choose this get 800 today because they give me a forwarding service right away. and she said she not sure about it and she need to check so i need to call later on so i said ok go head and check i'm here on the line not leaving until you ether cancel my account or activate it. so she keep try to tell me to hung up and call later but i said no i will not hung up and call later i want answer right now .(the reason i said it this way is because on their site it said clearly get 800 today , and i was at the next day already ). she back to me after i was on hold few min and she said your account will be activated in 2 hours, i didn't believe her , but i said ok and hung up .

at 4 pm i called get 800 today again same girl answering me and she play like she never talk to me before like she have 1000 costumers everyday but ok i explained my self again and give my account info again and she check it out and said i don't know and keep say i don't know almost about everything i ask . then she said again it will be activated in about 2 hours i asked her if she sure about it because in the morning i got the same anwer , so she said call back at 7 pm if it's not working. get 800 today woking until 6 pm . so why she told me to call on 7 ? . next day i called in the morning again and i got the same answers " i don't know " . it was the same process as a day before , i ask just to active my account or cancel it right a way.

and 4 days after .they finally cancel my account because it's a lame company and they can't provide me the service i need . " just a forwarding number " i just want to inform people do not deal with this lame company get 800 today ,horrible costumer service , thay can't answer you on any of your questions . no one to talk with and they yelling at you "because you pay for a service they provide" and still not got my money yet.

D end.!



No body answer the phone! called many times...


Oh really?well they should be open bc thats what their website says.

the company i work for uses this scam and they havent been answering their phones since last THURSDAY.its now monday. so now, we are getting NO calls, no leads.

and these idiots are too busy drinking coffee in their grungy cali garage.cant wait to get ahold of these morons.


I am a very happy client of get800today....not an employee.\

Dude, you need to get a clue. First of all NO ONE is open on a Sunday in the Telecommunications industry.

If you don't like their service, or anyone's, then cancel and move on. I have been a client of theirs for many years and am 100% happy with them.

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